Vigour Seniors Strengthening Program

Many of the declining physical changes we see occurring in older adults are due to inactivity, not aging. Muscle wasting creates weakness and difficulty in moving, therefore there is further inactivity, and so the physical condition spirals downward.

Exercise to improve muscle strength and balance are vital for confident mobility and falls prevention in seniors, however in most cases the effort and time required to participate in the intensive resistance training programmes required is a distinct de-motivator.

Whole Body Vibration is an exciting new training method using a vibrating platform upon which simple exercises are performed (e.g., standing, static or dynamic). And only a small volume of this type of exercise can lead to significantly improved muscle power and balance function.

"For the first time in years I can stand on one leg to put on my trousers, instead of having to sit down." Mack (89), Mount Pleasant

"I can feel the strength back in my legs and can now tackle stairs with confidence." Thursa (84), Ardross

Research Show Great Results for Seniors

Whole Body Vibration has been tested in a broad range of research projects on seniors. It was found to be safe and well tolerated by the elderly study participants, but more importantly the physical results were outstanding.

The research showed significant improvements:
  • 18% improvement in the Chair Rising Test

  • improved balance by 29%

  • greater step length

  • increased muscle strength

  • greater maximum standing time on one leg

  • better quality gait

  • improved motor capacity

  • greater self-rated quality of life

  • 4.5% increase in bone mass

"The stength and balance gains have been great. I was able to get rid of my walker and now only use a stick. And I've got my drivers license back". Paul (85), Murdoch

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